Sai Sai

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm leaving... on a jet plane!
Don't know when I'll be back again!

Actually, I'll be back in a month. I've decided not to bring any knitting, despite the crazy long plane ride (direct flight to Hong Kong). So no knitting updates.

Siow Chin was really kind to give me some HK LYS recommendations. One is in Wan Chai, and another in Kowloon Bay. I must squeeze in time for a visit to these LYS!!

Goodbye Toronto! Hello Hong Kong!!!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Look what Leo got me today!! It's an early birthday present for me, since I'll be in Hong Kong on my birthday. Isn't he the sweetest? I haven't decided what to name her yet though. But it's definitely a "her". I'm such a sucker for cute stuffed animals!! She is quite big, and the perfect huggable size, about the size of 2 basketballs (one for the head, one for the body). I haven't done any knitting today or yesterday. And I have a feeling I won't be knitting this weekend or next week, since I must start packing!! So, I doubt I'd finish Crossed Cardie before I leave. *sigh* But I might bring a sleeve or two for the looonnnggg plane ride. I'm still debating.

By the way, the fever is gone, but my throat still hurts like crazy. Argh.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've been struck by a virus.

It all started with the headache and dizziness, thinking it was a hangover from drinking the previous night. Then Leo finally noticed I was really flushed and my head was burning hot. I was having a fever. Ends up, my throat was swollen and infected, and the fever won't go away. I've been sleeping most of the past two days. I can't swallow anything without pain. I'd be cold and shivering one moment, and then hot and sweaty a few moments later. There's no fun knitting with sweaty hands. But before all this, I completed the back piece and one of the front pieces. I've only been able to take quick shots of the pieces today.

Back and front right pieces. I've finally realized that black is a
very boring color.

I've even started on the left front piece!

They say a picture is worth a million words. Here are two. I need to get drugged and konk out.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I finally did some serious knitting this past week. After seeing Adele's fabulous Crossed Cardie in Jaeger Alpaca soon to be completed, I bought myself some Phildar Lambswool in Noir and the Spring Tendances 05 to make this cardie as well.

Actually, I've been trying to find a similar looking top (with the deep V crossed fronts) since last year! And whenever I see one, there ought to be something wrong with it. Like in the wrong colors, or sleeves not short/long enough. Too this and Too that. So. If I handknit one, then there would be no more complaints. Right? (Probably except on my own handicraft)

Phildar Lambswool: Noir. 51% lambswool 49% acrylic.
But since it's NOIR, future photos of knitting progresses will be
dull and boring. I can't help it, I wear too much black.

And of course some Phildar knitting mags.
Tendances Spring 04 and 05 in English version.
Also Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toy Animals Leaflet.

I've already completed the back piece of the cardigan, and just started the ribbing for the front right piece. I hope photos of my knitting in black would show up OK. I'll post my progress once this front piece is done, and we shall see from there.