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Monday, May 16, 2005

Yarn in the mail makes my day!!

I received my package of Alpaca Cloud in Iris color from Knit Picks over the weekend. Getting carried away with excitement, I forgot to photograph the two hanks before I began unravelling. So here's a photo of only one hank of this lovely and incredibly sooofftt Alpaca Cloud.

Mmmm... Alpaca Cloud is so soft I can just take this and wrap it
around my neck like a boa-scarf.

The color. Iris. Purplish lilac, with nibs of salmon and tan. I've been worried about this color being too "Granny". Now that I've seen the actual yarn, from afar, it looks pretty much like a dull lilac color. Not entirely disappointing. Except that if I were to knit the Ene's Scarf single-stranded as recommended in the pattern, then I'd have a very loose and holey Granny's shawl.

After much consideration, I decided to knit the whole scarf double-stranded (which means I need to order 2 more hanks of Alpaca Cloud) using 3.50mm needles. I wouldn't match the suggested gauge with this combo, but I think I'd prefer a smaller scarf wrapped around my neck that's slightly draping passed the top of shoulders. Whatever the actual size is, I'll get the real picture after some more knitting.

I've casted on a whopping 375 stitches!!! After much counting, ripping and recounting stitches, I've safely made it to the 7th row. The trick it to keep count of your stitches between your markers. And in this project, stitch markers are your best friend. It makes counting stitches more managable. This baby is gonna take me a while!!


  • I love Knit Picks! Glad to see someone else is using up their stock (though it seems to be really taking wind these days). Let me know how the Alpaca cloud turns out... I was thinking about using it for a scarf project as well...

    Oh, and love the color too.. That was the same color I was checking out!

    By Blogger Dani, at May 18, 2005 8:15 AM  

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