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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm on a knitting block.

Not that I've ever been Miss.Turbo-Knit-o-maniac or anything. More likely recently I've been a Miss.Yarn-o-maniac in purchasing new yarns for new projects that I never really get to start and/or finish. I've bought more Phildar yarn and some Phildar magazines. So go figure.

I've got minimal knitting progress over the long weekend. That, and the fact that my internet connection has been very screwy lately, and never allows me to post.

Also lately, I find that knitting puts me in a anti-social, anti-doing-anything mood. I won't want to talk to anyone or do anything except sitting here and knit. And then, eventually, I won't want to knit either.

With my final semester of school finished and all, and only having a month away from flying to Hong Kong for the Study Abroad program, it doesn't leave me enough time to find a job in between. So, I'm always at home alone with nothing meaningful to do. And I guess that puts me in a mellow mood, when only watching DVDs will make my day. I try to work on my Ene's Scarf while I watching, but lately, my yarn and I just ain't clicking. Ene's Scarf is more of a pain in the arse than I thought. I've got an extra stitch, for no reason. I've spent more time counting stitches than really knitting. Argh. I can only blame on this invisible knitting block I'm currently facing, and I guess 375 stitches per row in lace pattern isn't exactly helping either.

*sigh* I hope my next post will have some knitting action. I've taken some photos of my new yarn and mags, so I'll be posting them soon. And also, a secret knitting project *slowly* on it's way to making it's debut. We'll see how that one goes.


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