Sai Sai

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm on a knitting block.

Not that I've ever been Miss.Turbo-Knit-o-maniac or anything. More likely recently I've been a Miss.Yarn-o-maniac in purchasing new yarns for new projects that I never really get to start and/or finish. I've bought more Phildar yarn and some Phildar magazines. So go figure.

I've got minimal knitting progress over the long weekend. That, and the fact that my internet connection has been very screwy lately, and never allows me to post.

Also lately, I find that knitting puts me in a anti-social, anti-doing-anything mood. I won't want to talk to anyone or do anything except sitting here and knit. And then, eventually, I won't want to knit either.

With my final semester of school finished and all, and only having a month away from flying to Hong Kong for the Study Abroad program, it doesn't leave me enough time to find a job in between. So, I'm always at home alone with nothing meaningful to do. And I guess that puts me in a mellow mood, when only watching DVDs will make my day. I try to work on my Ene's Scarf while I watching, but lately, my yarn and I just ain't clicking. Ene's Scarf is more of a pain in the arse than I thought. I've got an extra stitch, for no reason. I've spent more time counting stitches than really knitting. Argh. I can only blame on this invisible knitting block I'm currently facing, and I guess 375 stitches per row in lace pattern isn't exactly helping either.

*sigh* I hope my next post will have some knitting action. I've taken some photos of my new yarn and mags, so I'll be posting them soon. And also, a secret knitting project *slowly* on it's way to making it's debut. We'll see how that one goes.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Yarn in the mail makes my day!!

I received my package of Alpaca Cloud in Iris color from Knit Picks over the weekend. Getting carried away with excitement, I forgot to photograph the two hanks before I began unravelling. So here's a photo of only one hank of this lovely and incredibly sooofftt Alpaca Cloud.

Mmmm... Alpaca Cloud is so soft I can just take this and wrap it
around my neck like a boa-scarf.

The color. Iris. Purplish lilac, with nibs of salmon and tan. I've been worried about this color being too "Granny". Now that I've seen the actual yarn, from afar, it looks pretty much like a dull lilac color. Not entirely disappointing. Except that if I were to knit the Ene's Scarf single-stranded as recommended in the pattern, then I'd have a very loose and holey Granny's shawl.

After much consideration, I decided to knit the whole scarf double-stranded (which means I need to order 2 more hanks of Alpaca Cloud) using 3.50mm needles. I wouldn't match the suggested gauge with this combo, but I think I'd prefer a smaller scarf wrapped around my neck that's slightly draping passed the top of shoulders. Whatever the actual size is, I'll get the real picture after some more knitting.

I've casted on a whopping 375 stitches!!! After much counting, ripping and recounting stitches, I've safely made it to the 7th row. The trick it to keep count of your stitches between your markers. And in this project, stitch markers are your best friend. It makes counting stitches more managable. This baby is gonna take me a while!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Books!! Books!! It's all about books today.

I bought textbooks for my summer course, which be taken in Hong Kong!! It's a political science slash east asian studies course, primarily on state and society of 20th China. Boring, I know. And I'm a complete idiot in politics too.

Governing China from Revolution Through Reform
Origins of the Chinese Revolution

Then I went to Romni's and got Scarf Style. I've looked all over for this book. At both Indigo and Chapters. But it's been sold out everywhere. Fortunately, when I got to Romni's, their shipping of Scarf Style just came in.

Scarf Style by Pam Allen
for Ene's Scarf , using Alpaca Cloud

I also joined the Scarf Style KnitAlong, in hope that I'll finish that in time for next winter.(!!) I ordered Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Iris color. They took this color off their website order form though. I hope I'll like this color. It's a blend of purplish (I think) and brownish mesh. So it can either look awesome, or like Granny's wear. I'm still waiting for the shipping.

Finally, I got some entertainment reading: Da Vinci Code, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Shopaholic takes Manhattan. So I'll have plenty to occupy myself these days.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sunny Pink Vest!! The weather's been gorgeously sunny this weekend, and I just couldn't resist doing some knitting outside. Thus, I decided to call this tank/vest Sunny Pink Vest! Yesterday was Leo's birthday. We went downtown and to Woodbine beach to enjoy the beautiful weather, bought some yummy Rocky Road ice cream from Baskin Robbins (only to find that Ben & Jerry's was only a block away. >.<~) Then we had dinner at Baton Rouge. Nice nice restaurant. I got some knitting done during the car ride to the beach and back. And again today out in my backyard porch. Here's my progress.

Only a few more rows until I start armhole shaping!
Phildar Licorne knits fabulously.

Another view.
My ribbing is always uneven.
Probably cuz I didn't go down one needle size for it. Eek.

I decided to fudge the pattern a bit and knit a vest instead of a tank. After knitting a few rows of the back piece, I noticed that Phildar Licorne had a bit of a shiny sheer to the color. So it's not quite "casual" enough to be a summer tank. I thought if it were to be a vest, then I can wear a white buttoned shirt underneath it for work. But it will still have the shimmery Phildar Sunset ribbed neckline border, which probably will be knit held together with Licorne.

I would like to thank Adele once again for helping me out with translating this French pattern. You're the best, Adele!

Today for lunch, I made myself a caesar salad with toasted garlic cheese bread, an imitation of what I had the previous night at Baton Rouge. It was super yummy!!

Even though the caesar dressing was store bought, it was just as
delicious, just cuz I made it myself!! Teehee.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I stashed!! Yummy Phildar yarn from Knit N Tyme and GGH yarn from Romni Wools.

Phildar Licorne: Jacinthe. 100% mercerised cotton.
Phildar Sunset: Irise. 65% Viscose, 35% Polyester.
Project: Phildar Tank

GGH Java: Fuschia and Light Blue. 85% mercerised cotton, 15% Acrylic.
Project: Unknown

I also got the Phildar Ete 2004, but unfornately, it's in French. And this is my first time using Phildar, so I've been ripping my hair out trying to translate their patterns into English!!

"faire de ch. cote a 1 m. des bords 1 x 1 dim. puis ts les 6 rgs: 2 x 1 dim. et ts les 4 rgs: 5 x 1 dim."????

"former les emman. en rab. de ch. cote ts les 2 rgs: 1 x7m, 2 x 6m, 1 x 5m, 1 x 4m, 2 x 3m, 1 x 2m et 3 x 1m."???

Eeek. I need help.